Erasmus+ Project ” Space Detectives”
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Space Detectives project is our way to investigate space,
to discover ways for investment into a better, healthier and safer world.
Erasmus+ Project ” Space Detectives”
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Space is a force for the digital era; space inspires, motivates children, who explore innovative
practices of working with space programmes, focusing on teamwork, combining efficiency with knowledge.
Erasmus+ Project ” Space Detectives”
School No 195, Romania

Erasmus+ programme

Helps you to develop personally and professionally

Staff, teachers, lecturers

Staff and learners and to take part in innovative projects.

International Experience

Experience new cultures and discover new ways of working.

Welcome to ” Space Detectives”.

Welcome to our Webpage of Erasmus+ Project called:” Space Detectives”. During the project, teachers from the partner schools will explore innovative ways of using the topic of space in classroom. This will be achieved through practical sessions, in which we discuss classroom experiments and demonstrations, alongside sessions that will investigate applying different teaching methods ( inquiry-based and project-based learning) in the classroom activities.

In 2019, the International Astronomical Union is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the astronomical breakthroughs that have shaped science, technology and culture throughout the last century.


This project aims to highlight the importance of astronomy as a tool for education, development and diplomacy, for open education in a digital era. The partner schools’ mission is to promote and safeguard astronomy in all its aspects, including research, communication, education and development, through international cooperation. This project serves as an international activity for assigning innovative practices for a more efficient system of education. Technological innovation transforms education fundamentally. It requires skills tailored to the 21st century jobs. It is anticipated that the future top 20 jobs with the fastest growing will require a basic understanding of mathematics and science.

Teachers and students from partner schools will use space experts’ discoveries, in order to have more educational opportunities to use innovative ways, to network with their peers from participant schools, in order to share ideas and best practices. Teachers will engage students in practical training sessions that demonstrate how to use space in the classroom as an inspirational context. Their actions will support the implementation of space educational activities, attracting students to research, debate, share their results. In this project, teachers’ aim is to deliver quality education and train students more efficiently, exploring innovative ways to search and use space in education and training. Partner teachers will guide students to make lifelong learning a reality, to improve the quality and efficiency of their education and training, using space discoveries.

Our project promotes social cohesion, it enhances creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, as we will encourage our students to cooperate, adopting the flexibility of more innovative practices and using methods that involve open education.

SPACE Rocket in Portugal

08 Nov, 2021


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